A Gentle Intro To The NervosDAO

May 30, 2019 • ☕️ 3 min read

People new to the Nervos CKB blockchain may wonder why there is something called NervosDAO. In this episode we will be focusing on why the NervosDAO is created and how it works as an indispensable part of CKB.


Nervos CKB Mining Tutorial

May 23, 2019 • ☕️ 6 min read

Nervos CKB , that is the layer1 blockchain for Nervos network, testnet launched on May 18th. In this episode I will take you though the process of running a CKB node and mining CKB blocks to get reward. We will be using MacOS as the operating system, CKB Javascript SDK to generate wallet, and the blockchain's explorer to view results.


The Value Of Bitcoin

May 16, 2019 • ☕️ 3 min read

US dollar is backed by the US tax, company stock is backed by the assets of the company, many people think bitcoin is a scam, since the value seems to come from thin air. Does Bitcoin has any value at all? Different people has different view points. In my eyes, Bitcoin is a network, the value should be measured by the dispersion of the coins. At the same time, Bitcoin is not like a traditional IT network, it it not a network of information, it is a network of value and consensus.


The Architecture of Web3.0

May 9, 2019 • ☕️☕️ 11 min read

There are several different perspectives to understand Blockchain's value, one of which is by knowing the role it plays in the context of next generation Web, namely Web3.0. There are several challenges we may face building a decentalized Web, and let's figure out how Blockchain can fix them and why DApps will require the decoupling of App and Data. At last, I wish you are able to form a new Blockchain investment model by looking at a picture larger than Smart Contract.


Why Decentralized ID?

May 2, 2019 • ☕️ 5 min read

Many people believe the next generation Web will be decentralized, therefore digital identity, ID for short, will be decentralized as well. What exactly is ID? Why should it be decentralized? Will the concept of login still be relevant for a decentralized Web? And most importantly how decentralized ID works?


How IPFS Works Under The Hood

April 25, 2019 • ☕️ 4 min read

Next generation Web, Web3, should be more decentralized and censorship resistant, which requires a more decentralized way for data storage. That is why IPFS, InterPlanetary File System, and Filecoin got so much attention, let's figure out how IPFS works under the hood.


Blockchain State Explosion

April 18, 2019 • ☕️ 3 min read

What is Blockchain State Explosion, and why is that a problem? Is all data on a blockchain state? What’s the current situation of Bitcoin and other chains, why we need to solve this before we can move on?


Why Rust?

April 11, 2019 • ☕️ 5 min read

Rust is a new language released in 2015, as an alternative for C/C++, or other higher-level languages. Why yet another programming language? Let's explore its strengths now.